Writers and even real people would do well to connect with/tap into the spirit power of the animal world around us – or far from us, in many cases. But how to begin? Andrew from the “Shut Up Dad” blog offers sage advice on choosing one medium of spirit power, the Wolf Shirt. (Let me add one other piece of advice: If you will be wearing this as your lucky talisman and constant companion while you complete your first novel, await word on that job application, or place a season’s worth of bets on sporting events … please buy two of these. Lucky shirt research has shown that removing one such item of clothing for a few moments while replacing it with an identical item that has been laundered, does not impair the efficacy of such items. Or you could just shower with laundry soap…

Shut Up Dad

As most of you know, purchasing a new wolf shirt can be an important and painstaking process.  As difficult or even more so than buying a new car, a new home, or adopting a child.  You want to find that perfect wolf shirt that will not only meet your functional needs, but your fashion needs as well.  From someone that understands that burden, I’ve done my best to narrow down the most essential factors to make your purchasing process go as smooth as possible.  I will use a shirt I recently bought as an example.


1.  Eye Placement – Always take notice of the placement of the wolf’s eyes.  Are they glowing?  Are they sad?  Are they wise?  There are many factors to consider, but those are some great starters.  You’ll notice on my shirt, the eyes are glowing and piercing. You can feel them in your very soul.  He…

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