Semi-Literary Trivia Question of the Week #1

Homer Simpson is the name of:

  1. A farmer who joins the Army after he loses his father’s Oklahoma land during the Dust Bowl, in James Jones’ From Here to Eternity.
  2. A plumber who is drafted to serve as a proctologist in the U.S. Army Air Forces, in Joseph Heller’s Catch 22.
  3. A minor-league baseball player with the lowest batting average of his team but the most home runs, in Bernard Malamud’s The Natural.
  4. A creepy bookkeeper obsessed with an aspiring starlet, in Nathaniel West’s The Day of the Locust.
  5. The inventor of the Smartypants Phone, in Jules Verne’s comic romp, The Voice Transmission Device That Also Transmits Imprudent Photographs Via the Infernal Network.

For the answer, see the Cliff’s Notes analysis of this character. Or see the complete text online.

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3 comments on “Semi-Literary Trivia Question of the Week #1
  1. Andrew says:

    Ha, this reminded me that I still need to read Catch 22.

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