Semi-Literary Trivia Question of the Week # 6

The Great Gatsby - 1925 book cover

The 1925 book cover for The Great Gatsby

F. Scott Ftizgerald’s The Great Gatsby:

  1. Was a surprise success, being made into one of the last silent movies.
  2. Was based on movie scripts that Fitzgerald had been unable to sell to the studios.
  3. Was largely forgotten by the time of Fitzgerald’s death in 1940, but became popular again starting in the 1950s.
  4. Was widely banned in the 1950s as being anti-capitalist and pro-Communist.
  5. Was the basis for the first Popeye full-length animated film in the 1940s — with Popeye as Gatsby, Wimpy as narrator Nick Carraway, Olive Oyl in the part of Daisy, and Bluto as Tom Buchanan.

For the answer on this one, I am falling back on Wikipedia — although you can find it in a more chatty column at Thought Catalog, “25 Things You Didn’t Know About ‘The Great Gatsby’.” (Although that column implies Daisy is modeled on Zelda Fitzgerald, when other sources agree the inspiration was Ginevra King, from an earlier romantic relationship doomed by her being richer than Fitzgerald.)


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