If you really, really want to live in the ‘Friends’ apartment, or at the Gilmore Girls’…

TV floor plan - Gilmore Girls

… thanks to the Internet, Etsy and an interior designer with a possibly unhealthy obsession with TV, you can. Well, as long as you have the money, time and energy. It’s up to you to remodel the inside of your house to duplicate the set of How I Met Your Mother, or to build that duplicate of The Simpson’s house you’ve secretly craved/lusted after.

Iñaki Aliste Lizarralde, an interior designer from the Basque region of Spain,  created floor plans of homes from famous TV shows, including Friends, The Simpsons, Golden Girls, I Love Lucy and more. (Also from movies, including Holly Golightly’s apartment from Breakfast at Tiffany’s, and houses from Totoro and Up.)  She will sell the floor plans to you via Etsy. And there you have it.

You can join the discussion of how accurate these plans are — The Gilmore Girls house did have another room added upstairs during season six, the question mark room in Friends was Monica’s junk room — at Happy Place. (This is a “lost” post that was scheduled to publish in May, but somehow did not find its way to the web.)

TV floor plan - I Love Lucy TV floor plan - The Simpsons


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