Think different … No, more different

Think more different

But officer – I was just charging my iPhone so I could call a cab!

Exciting news, especially for drunks with dead cell phone batteries. Scientists have devised a cell-phone battery powered by urine. Just right for those emergencies when you drunk-tweet way too much and then need to call for a ride home.

This is also good news for the 19 percent of people who drop their phone in the toilet. “No problem, just charging my cell phone. If you can hand me a couple of those paper towels…”

And here’s one more reason why I didn’t end up in an advertising job: First thing that comes to mind when I hear about this, is an advertising tie-in or cross-promotion between two very successful brands (so far, so good), Apple and Snapple. Their ad campaign could feature a new mega-size SnApple® (not legal in New York City) that could fully charge your iPhone, when used with the optional iPower® (uPower®? pPowe®r?) attachment.

At left is a non-artist’s rendering of celebrity spokesperson Mark Wahlberg charging his iPhone at an available ipWahl®.

SnApple® – for when you really, really, really need to go … online!

(I have to note that someone first did this back in 2005, but that battery was only usable to make one call, and maybe was more cumbersome than the current version, which is only the size of a car battery.)


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One comment on “Think different … No, more different
  1. Not a device I’d want pressed next to my face!

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