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Drink Beer for Big Ideas, Coffee to Get Them Done…

At least that’s what this item at lifehacker says. I haven’t had coffee since early afternoon, so I don’t have the mental chops to properly evaluate these claims. And I haven’t had a beer today, so I can’t come up with

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Finding inspiration to write

Two weeks of pecking away at a short story that “should” have worked — similar in spirit to other stories that are coming along nicely, but different enough to be a completely new story — and this morning I tossed

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Semi-Literary Trivia Question of the Week #1

Homer Simpson is the name of: A farmer who joins the Army after he loses his father’s Oklahoma land during the Dust Bowl, in James Jones’ From Here to Eternity. A plumber who is drafted to serve as a proctologist

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Originally posted on Write Despite:
So tonight I’m sitting here with a laptop waiting for my daughter to finish her piano class. And this man asks me what I’m working on. “You’re not writing a novel, are you?” he says…

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X Twain

In the early days of this country, illiterate homesteaders — who could not even write their own names — signed a host of legal documents using an “X.” Their signature was usually witnessed by two people. As someone who would

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