Feral Toddler teaches me about writing

I’m fine with stories that break the rules of reality. But it does bug me when a writer creates an alternate world with its own rules, and then breaks those — just to make the story easier to write.

That’s one reason the Feral Toddler is not ready to meet the world. In one part of the story, he could talk with adults. In another, they couldn’t understand him. In one part, he couldn’t change his own diaper. Then he couldn’t. I’ve corrected some of this, but his story is really not ready for prime time.

I do have a crush on my own concept, though. That’s pushing me into bad judgment territory. Author blogs have warned me not to post actual stories I’ve written, as they can just come back to embarrass me later. But I’m confident in my ability to embarrass myself more than a badly-written story can.

At any rate, it’s still a work in progress — or more properly, on hold and not progressing much right now. So here’s Feral Toddler.

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X Twain

In the early days of this country, illiterate homesteaders — who could not even write their own names — signed a host of legal documents using an “X.” Their signature was usually witnessed by two people. As someone who would like to one day write as well as Mark Twain, I can relate to these homesteaders. Follow along as I head into unknown territory to explore the possibilities.

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